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Skinny Glitter Coffee
Gift Set


Add skinny glitter coffee syrup to your coffee, choccy or espresso martinis.

A gift set including a selection of 3 sugar free glitter coffee syrups perfectly developed to add a delicious hit of guilt-free sweetness to your coffee with added sparkle!

Create at least 15 delicious skinny glitter coffees for those with a sweet tooth, or up to 30 for a subtle flavour!

Take your coffee making to the next level with these shimmer coffee syrups:
  • 5cl Salted caramel syrup with gold sparkles (5-10 servings), 0 calories per serving!
  • 5cl Nutty mocha (hazelnut & coffee flavour) syrup with gold sparkles (5-10 servings), 0 calories per serving!
  • 5cl Vanilla syrup with 23ct gold leaf flakes (5-10 servings), 0 calories per serving!
  • 'Shake to wake' the sparkles
  • Add 1 to 2 caps of sugar free syrup to your coffee, espresso martinis or hot chocolate
  • Gift your drink a stir and watch it sparkle!
  • Sip and enjoy your vanilla / salted caramel / nutty mocha drink 


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Skinny Glitter Coffee
Gift Set